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Something always comes between music and its fans. It’s catchier hits by prettier people. It’s ticket surcharges, distribution channels, big ugly logos, bigger uglier businesses, digital rights management, false idols, lofty venue rents… the insidious commodification of creativity. Music is forever becoming classified, packaged, marketed, merchandised, and exploited beyond recognition for the sake of profit – it’s not a new story. It’s not what the artists want, it’s not what the fans want – and it’s not what music deserves.

What artists and fans want is independence and freedom. Musicians want the independence and freedom to connect with their fans. Fans want the independence and freedom to connect with their music – and each other. This happens when music and the love of music is shared – through festivals, events, shows, and via online audio/video, blogposts, poster art, word of mouth, and even scribbles on the wall. Transmission Entertainment is committed to infectiously sharing the “LOVE OF MUSIC” disease.

Music is not a commodity. It is a communicable condition that inspires, educates, evokes, and celebrates collaboration toward a greater good. Connect with the independent music community through Transmission Entertainment. Transmit Socially.

Transmission Entertainment is an independent music booking, promotions, media collective, that amplifies fan community growth and involvement, and fuels emerging talent for the express purpose of harnessing the inherent power of fan/artist relationships.


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