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King Tuff, Natural Child, The Best, The Vomettes, Dj Ben Tipton

Mon. 07/09 | 9:00PM

I like it
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A more charismatic, enigmatic nomad of a furioso frontman/artist/guitar legend could not be imagined. You can’t make this shit up. Grinning gold teeth behind blonde shades, in black, skeletal denim, with a studded “KING TUFF” across the shoulders where feral locks fall around his infamous “Sun Medallion.” With an acoustic guitar slung over the shoulder, King Tuff slinks through the abandoned halls of Detroit’s Malcolm X Academy. His baseball hat reads “VERMONT.” It’s the 4th of July. Will somebody please snap a photo of this animal before it escapes back into the wilderness from which it came??!! 

Natural Child formed in spring 2009 and released their latest LP, For the Love of the Game, on Burger Records on 4/20/12. It follows up their 2011 LP, 1971, released on Infinity Cat Records. MEMBERS: Wes (bass/vocals) Seth (guitar/vocals) Zack (drums) Wes and Zack used to play in a band called Kintaro. Wes was in Meemaw with Daniel Pujol and Jessica from Heavy Cream. Seth was in a band called The Horribly Wrong. Influences: Stones, Dylan, Neil, Waylon, and the Stooges. Chuck Berry and Kris Kristofferson too. Natural Child has played with these rad bands: Tours with Strange Boys, played some shows with the Black Lips and toured with Hunx and His Punx and Liquor Store.


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