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Stanley Man - Orangutang CD Release

Wed. 06/20 | 9:00PM - Wed. 06/20

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Off-center NYC songwriting on a backbone of hard hitting, guitar-driven Texas rock and roll!

To mark the end of days, New York City frontman Stanley Man revisits the wave of apocalyptic catastrophe that followed him from 9-11 in New York to Katrina in New Orleans to last year's wildfires in Central Texas with "Orangutang", a raucous solo debut featuring guitar alchemist Josh Zee, veteran bassist Danny G and celebrated power drummer Trinidad Leal. On the longest day of the year--dead-center 2K12--this firebrand combo will tap a gushing vein of musical fuel unmatched in Texas since drilling went off-shore, just in time for our grisly demise!


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