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Teen Daze

Wed. 06/06 | 8:00PM

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"A year on from the summer of chillwave, and we've nailed down what makes this stripe of music 'beachy': smeary synths, a danceable pace, hints of memory-dulled nostalgia, invitingly vague lyrics about vaguer feelings, stuff about being a young, stuff about weed. ... But unlike a lot of these bedroom blurmongers, Teen Daze seems in total control; his synths bleed into more brilliant colors, his languid pace more purposeful, his memory bank FDIC-insured, his vagueness earned by the quality of his output. ... Daze's tone palette appears about as rich as anybody's working in the genre. For as much slack memoryfuzz as he conjures, Teen Daze has an eye on the dancefloor, and quite a few of these tracks sound a bit like Erasure numbers left to melt in the sun." --Pitchfork

The One AM Radio
The One AM Radio recently released their second album for Dangerbird Records. They've played shows with Juana Molina, El Perro Del Mar, Damien Jurado, Ted Leo and Houses. The One AM Radio is a trio based in Los Angeles, where the sun hasn’t completely thawed their New England roots. They make music about the feeling you get while driving home, fast, late at night, through half-empty streets. The project began in New England, where Hrishikesh Hirway was studying design and photography at Yale. With a borrowed guitar, a 4-track, and a drum machine, he made cassettes for his friends and his sister to fall asleep to—instrumental lullabies mixed with staticky murmurs of talk radio. "The AM Radio's 2011 effort Heaven Is Attached by a Slender Thread features more of lead singer/songwriter Hrishikesh Hirway's melodic and lushly produced pop. This is music crafted for sunny late-afternoon listening and melancholy days spent alone."

"'Moments,' the first track from San Francisco producer and multi-instrumentalist Giraffage's forthcoming full-length album, is a glitchy slice of bedroom dream-pop lushly constructed with layers of samples, sundry instrumentation, and tight percussion. Comfort, his first LP and the follow-up to this year's Pretty Things EP, will continue the hazy romp through looping guitars, 808 thuds and clacks, and diced-up vocals when Giraffage (a.k.a. Charlie Yin) self-releases it." --XLR8R


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