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The Scabs, Speak, The Cover Girls

Fri. 05/25 | 9:00PM

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It's going to be one hellova' night at Antone's this Friday with a lineup chock-full of booty-shaking, face melting rock.

Not only will The Cover Girls and Speak be there, but they got The Scabs for the headliner!

That's right, The Scabs are back with front man, Bob Schneider, who needs no introduction. This reveled Austinite is bringing his wild band of badboys along. And I mean full band. We've got Bruce Hughes on the bass, Carlos Sosa on saxophone, Fernie "Maddog" Castillo on trumpet, Rolo on the longhorn, and David "Snizz" Robinson on drums. Playing alongside Bob on guitars are Adam Temple and Charles Rieser.

Keep in mind that they don't usually play "family friendly" events, especially with songs like "Big Butts and BJ's" and "Pussy Fever." So, leave the kids at home, folks, and get ready to get down and dirty with one of Austin's most famous rockers!

So, bring your sex-machines and get ready to make love to the night with the wildest bunch of funk mobsters in Austin!


The Scabs


The Cover Girls

Fri, May 25, 2012

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

The Scabs
The Scabs have it all: the talent, the skills, the show, the songs, the presentation and the desire to kick as much ass as is humanly possible and then some. The band that has always been known for its outstanding live performances has kicked it up to a new level. What this band has that no other original rock-n-roll band has is the GROOVE BABY Lead singer, Bob Schneider, has honed his considerable talents as a frontman into a nonstop tour de force of energy and excitement. Laying out the foundation of the funk is Bruce Hughes on the bass and David "Snizz" Robinson on the drums. David Boyle lays down an unquestionably cool bed of vintage keyboard sounds. The addition of the one two punch of Adam Temple and Charles Rieser on guitars gives this band enough six-string juice to quench any headbanging rockweenie's thirst. To top off this, they've added the grooveline horns: three tightlipped badboys from the valley who will literally blow you away; Carlos Sosa on saxophone, Fernie "Maddog" Castillo on trumpet and Rolo on longhorn. The Scabs take the listener on a joyride through a musical landscape where life is fast, love is cheap and everybody's whites are whiter and colors are brighter.

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