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Suite 709, Southbound Drive (Album Release), Shakey Graves

Fri. 05/25 | 9:00PM

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Southbound Drive is an Austin-born Rock Experience. Four members, built by the lyrics of Scott Collins, explore the senses through a strong use of melody, anthemic choruses, and pounding rhythms. They are presently working under Sideshow Paradise Records with a make-it-or-die-trying attitude. Southbound Drive strives to make music that inspires and gives hope, while rocking your fists into the air. Southbound Drive consists of Scott Collins on lead vocals and acoustic/electric guitar. Ryan Goebel, formerly of At All Cost, on electric guitar and background vocals. Lucas Griffin on bass and Chris Saad on drums round out the rhythm section.

- Presented by: Sideshow Paradise Records-

Suite 709, Southbound Drive (Album Release), and Shakey Graves May 25th at The Parish! 

Only $7 cover w/ RSVP!   Doors at 9pm. 

Shakey Graves:
Southbound Drive:
Suite 709:

See you there!!!
Suite 709, Southbound Drive (Album Release), Shakey Graves

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