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A Night of Dance, Rhythm, and Song - West African, Colombian, Cuban

Sat. 05/19 | 8:00PM

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A Night of Dance, Rhythm, & Song! --  West African, Colombian, & Cuban
Join us on the dance floor for a lively night of dance, drum, and song: Cumbia, Salsa, Son, Traditional West African-- we dare you to stay still!

Lannaya West African Drum & Dance Ensemble - Local ensemble stirring up traditional West African rhythms, dances, and songs with guest master artist Fara Tolno. 

Cuchillo e Palo-- Cuban Son, Cumbia, and Cha Cha Cha. "Buena Vista" style strings, percussion, and vocal quintet. Cuchillo 'e te corta pero bien te molesta.
The Djembabes--(opening the evening)-- Austin drummers and singers dedicated to the joy and inspiration of African hand drumming, harmonies, and sharing music in the spirit of community.

Kiko y La Banda-- (closing the evening)-- A six-piece Cumbia and Salsa band that gets the dance floor moving with blends of traditional and original Latin music... with trombone and accordion and other bells and whistles!


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