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The Wee-Beasties/Brave Combo/Sara Hickman's Go-Go Action Party

Sat. 11/05 | 9:00PM

I like it
  • 72 People
Event Details

The ONLY FunFunFunFest After Party that will feature...

Go-Go Dancers, Fire Breathing Zombies, Evil Samurai Monkeys

The Wee-Beasties will destroy the audience and possibly the stage with electric hell fire causing a shaking and punching frenzy. This 10 piece punk band is insane. Facepaint and women's panties insane. (

Brave Combo has two Grammys and will be causing an epidemic of dancing, convulsing, and drinking. These guys are seriously amazing, and very very intense. (

Sara Hickman is the official State Musician of Texas and will be singing punk rock... It wasn't hard to talk her into it. She is an incredibly talented singer and songwriter and will be here to party super hard. (

DJ Compatix is a complete party animal and will be spinning records before and in between sets. He keeps the party going and serves as a perfect backdrop for the seductive shaking of his Go-Go crew.
( -- Looks like that!

Live Sound Production Provided By: Tim Kimsey

The Wee-Beasties/Brave Combo/Sara Hickman's Go-Go Action Party

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