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As Good as the Front Row: Win Empire of the Sun ACL Aftershow Tickets courtesy of Tortoise & Blonde

Sat. 09/17 | 10:00PM

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Bats live an unfortunate life. Imagine a world where the sun just don't shine and you have to caterwaul to find out where important things to avoid like walls and bridges are because you're blind. If you feel like a sad little bat sometimes, we can help you on both fronts. 

Tortoise & Blonde has some lovely glasses that make even the saddest little bats look significantly more attractive and gives the gift of vision! Hello little bat, don't you look charming! You can see now! You have the world at your feet and can walk out confidently into the sun. In fact, you could win tickets to see Empire of the Sun at their ACL aftershow. Out of the darkeness and into the light comes to mind...

To enter for tickets to the aftershow, click "I like it" on this event page, post a comment below with a costume idea for the gents of Empire in the Sun and visit Tortoise & Blonde's Facebook page to view their collection. Winner will be notified via email. 


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