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Dikes of Holland, Orca Team, Horse Plus Donkey, Jared Zoltar (solo)

Thu. 08/11 | 9:00PM

I like it
  • 3 All-Stars
  • 23 People
Event Details

Dikes of Holland (formally Fire vs. Extinguisher), have become a Red River staple over the years. Their sound is hard to define, mostly because the sound is always changing, but the essence is always punk rock minus the mohawk. They've been compared to everything from the Gun Club and Captain Beefheart, to the Liars and Swans.

ORCA TEAM is a 1960s Post Punk Beach Party from the confusing waters of the Pacific Northwest. They make the music of a punk trio if everyone in the band decided to keep their volume low and their tones clean. Leif Anders and Jessica B. created ORCA TEAM with a sparse minimalistic spirit to song writing. Each song is short, sung with a lonesome croon, equipped with a melodic bass line, and drenched in reverb.


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