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Chaos in Tejas Night Show- The Marked Men, Toys That Kill, Young Offenders, Brilliant Colors, Hex Dispensers

Sun. 05/30 | 10:00PM

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  • 7 All-Stars
  • 29 People
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Toys That Kills formed from the ashes of the influential West Coast Punk band F.Y.P. and fronted by former F.Y.P. frontman/current head of Recess Records Todd Congelliere. F.Y.P. was an amazing band, but Toys That Kill allows them to continue to explore fresh sounds. Simply stated, this is great punk rock. Toys That Kill have a sound that will influence many punk bands to come.

If you've been paying attention over the past few years, you know that the Hex Dispensers are masters in the art of spewing forth short bursts of haunted fury. Their latest album offers a thematically torturous series of songs concentrating on the horrors of love, life, sailing, skin masks, and the end of it all. Victim of Time describes it pretty well: "Forming out of the collaborative thunder of Alex Cuervo, Dave Bessenhoffer, Tom Kodiak, and Alyse Mervosh's insidious restlessness, Hex Dispensers blasted forth just over two years ago and knocked the socks off anyone who got to witness their bombastic powerpop firsthand. On their latest LP, Winchester Mystery House released last month on Douchemaster , we find the Hex Dispensers honing their craft to a fine edge, locking in grooves that shake your inner monkey back and forth mercilessly and delivering a walloping punch to their already decimating and deadly pop formula. As expectations are set high for most second albums, Hex Dispensers definitely don't disappoint as they bust out vigorous, infectiously-driven high-speed pop jams that stick to your soul and drive you wild with wanton exuberance. The earthshaking drums, slashing guitars, and those irresistible vocal hooks may even evoke the finest moments of contemporaries the Marked Men , and man o' man is that ever a slice of heaven, but Hex Dispensers easy one-up their contemporaries with nary a broken sweat."

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