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Wolf Gang
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Wolf Gang

Hometown: London
Tags: indie, electronic, electronica, indie pop

Wolf Gang is the stage name Max McElligott from London, UK, son of a historian and a violinist and former student at the prestigious London School of Economics. He runs a MySpace page citing his musical influences to be, amongst others, Peter Gabriel, Talking Heads, David Bowie and Kate Bush.
Wolf Gang is managed by Angus Murray and releases on Neon Gold.
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  • Guardian UK's New Band Of The Day

    Guardian UK's New Band Of The Day on Wolf Gang

    over 2 years ago

    This precocious popster is hardly the personification of feral fury suggested by his stage name. Instead, he's influenced more by Messrs Byrne and Bowie Hometown: London. The lineup: Max McElligott (vocals, instruments), plus occasional three-piece band. The background: What is it with rock'n'roll and wolves? In the 80s we had Wolfgang Children, in the 90s there was an outfit called Lupine Howl and now there are Wolfmother, Wolf Parade and Kurran and the Wolfnotes. Even French popsters Phoenix have stepped into the predatory fray with their album named after a set of Austrian classical music-obsessed carnivores, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The latest members of rock's canidae family are Wolf Gang, but they don't seem to remotely harbour any pretensions... more at

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