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Tags: rock, alternative, alternative rock, 90s, post-grunge


During a casual mix session at home one Friday night back in 2010, Cornel Human and Brandon Pretorius decided to get together more frequently. This then led to the idea of extending the session to friends which then led to finding a venue… Initially a tiny café type place was in mind but in looking out for venues they stumbled across an old friend about to open Café Culture. Being a somewhat bigger venue than intended, opportunities arose to offer guest DJs slots and also to support capable new DJs looking for their first gigs. Cornel & Brandon gave the gatherings a name and in April 2011 ToniC had its first party.

Fast forward to April 2013, on the eve of ToniC’s 2nd Birthday and after hosting 25 fun gatherings, it was time for slight change, a rebirth. Feeling it would be more fitting if communication surrounding the parties was less ‘public’. Two main reasons for this, one being the commercial bombardment of events on sites like bookface, and the other being many of the ToniC clan like to keep their ‘party-life’ separate to their work or family life.
So changes were made in the interests of having a therapeutically good night out among fellow nuttas, a place where you can be submersed in great tune’ge, let your hair down, be yourself and maintain the good-vibe going forward. At the same time, new venue/s were sought. For the first time a contribution-charge is implemented solely to try cover the expenses incurred and… Foresight to evolve the vibe (better, not bigger) in its forthcoming gatherings :)

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