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The Gay Blades
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The Gay Blades

Hometown: 5th Ring of Hell
Tags: pop, indie, indie rock, trash, trash pop

We’ll tear you apart… Dig out noise.

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  • Guardian UK's New Band Of The Day

    Guardian UK's New Band Of The Day on The Gay Blades

    over 2 years ago

    This New Jersey duo create a heavily ironised rifferama that recalls the rock'n'roll excess of glam-metal, but without venturing too far into Tenacious D territory Hometown: New Jersey. The lineup: Clark Westfield (vocals, guitar), Puppy Mills (drums), Jeff Plate (bass). The background: It used to be that spoof or merely "arch" bands, whose sincerity of intent was hard to detect, usually remained music press in-jokes, but ever since the mainstream success of Electric Six and the Darkness – or, for that matter, Scissor Sisters or Eagles of Death Metal (or Jet, or the Datsuns), who tend, unless we've mightily missed the point, towards the cartoonishly OTT because they're less than serious – the general public has been more accommodating towards outfits who appear to have their tongues firmly lodged in their cheeks. And so it's no wonder that New Jersey duo the Gay Blades are currently generating a lot of attention, not just from journalists who like this sort of thing because they get the gags and the references... more at

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