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Best Fwends

Best Fwends

Hometown: FT WORTH/AUSTIN, Texas, US
Tags: pop, electronic, electronica, fun

Catchy pop thrash made by two musical stallions from Texas and a cheap computer. They have already toured on the "don’t need a stage" circuit in the style of bands like Lightning Bolt and Coachwhips – performing in their underpants with taped up faces and iPod backing tracks. Their first album, "Alphabetically Arranged" contains 29 tracks (the longest being 2’56") along with 5 remixes and is out on Moshi Moshi records. Listen at
we spent the chilly month of January 2007 living in a crawl-space of a warehouse in Brooklyn. we played many amazing shows and somehow (magic? FATE?) we were privileged to meet and record with one of our favorite bands of all time, Gerty Farish.

the four of us “borrowed” (yoink!) a key to the shared practice space of Parts & Labor and Matt & Kim and jammed on their instruments all day and night for 2 days before being kicked out so the other bands could “practice”. the resulting 9 songs are very strange, melodic, trashy but sincere. and possibly shouldn’t be heard by the general public.

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  • Austinist

    Austinist on Best Fwends

    over 7 years ago

    Best Fwends generate energetic bursts of post-punk mayhem complemented heavily by assorted electronic output as well as random keyboard and video game noises, among other things.more at

  • bloglover

    bloglover on Best Fwends

    over 8 years ago

    Nick, from the Blog, The Rich Girls are Weeping, weally likes Best Fwends. He agrees that 'Dustin from Best Fwends is a comic genius.'

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