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Act Rights
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Act Rights

Hometown: Holly Springs, Mississippi
Tags: soul-punk

You fight with your fists, you kiss with your lips, and you dance with your hips. For the past two years, Austin band the Act Rights have ardently created passionate and hectic rock and roll that makes you do all three. The quartet takes a simple approach to capturing everyone’s attention at a show: They grit their teeth and pull you into their world. If you leave empowered, scared, joyful, angry or wasted then they did their job. The new album “Sweat Equity”, produced by Andrew Scheps, captures the group’s artistic prowess and no-holds-barred approach to music. It is the emanation of the band’s efforts to move the listener. From the Austin dive-bar scene to showcasing at the 2012 SXSW Music Festival and touring the U.S., the sweat and conviction these guy play with will not leave you wanting.
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